Air Extraction

Air extraction – clean air in battery production

We plan and implement complete air extraction systems consisting of fan, scrubber, separator and exhaust air piping systems, including the required control systems. We develop as well extraction hoods made of corrosion-resistant plastic that can withstand attack from corrosive media from inside and outside on a long-term basis.

Inbatec also offers aerosol or droplet separators. They divert the stream of exhaust air so that the acid aerosols can be separated out in the lamellar fin packages due to inertia forces. The separators likewise consist of corrosion-resistant plastic and are suitable for horizontal and vertical air streams.

Scrubbers are used when cleaning heavily dust-laden air, such as is produced when cooling a paste mixer with cold fresh air. We compress the water and dust particles into sludge liquor droplets in a venturi nozzle, and in the downstream cyclone they are separated out from the stream of air. The separated sludge is collected in the settling area of the unit and discharged from time to time.